Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let it begin!

Hello! Welcome to my new venture: Kathleen's Confections.

I am starting a side business that will hopefully help me fulfill the ever-present desire I have to bake all day long. I am now offering Special Order Baked Goods so that I can continue to provide delectable sweet treats to all those in need of a fix. I am focusing on Cupcakes to start out, so please let me know if you are in need of a dozen or so!

For this blog, my plan is to post recent projects, upcoming events, links to updates on my own site, as well as links to friends' sites to keep every one in the loop about what I might be up to. I apologize if I stray from Baking to other topics of interest, but hopefully you will find them interesting as well!

I am always eager for inspiration, so if you have any Cupcake flavor ideas (or anything else you think sounds good), don't hesitate to pass the ideas along.

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